This song….I needed it.

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This is all @lov3_stor3y fault!

This is all @lov3_stor3y fault!


Whenever black women collectively feel empowered and inspired by other black women, it always causes white (feminist) uproar.


"It should be about all women!" Yet, you bombard us with your propaganda to be the face of everything on the daily. Contrastingly, for us, it never has anything to do with one race of women being better than another race of women. WE acknowledge our existence and speak on our greatness when the world doesn’t. Saltine moments don’t ruffle our feathers. Take the latter anyway you want.

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PARIS 16EME starringAjak & Ataui Deng by John-Paul Pietrus

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Raye Boyce by An Dukes.

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"If u cant accept me at my Lamar Odom you don’t deserve me at my French Montana - African Proverb"

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2014 WWE Roster (Part Two)

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Seth and Randy at the movies

  • Seth: "oh look, that new movie is coming out."
  • Randy: "hey! I wanna see it too!"
  • Seth: "Daddy can we have some money"
  • Triple H: " is $20 boys go and have some fun"
  • ***Arrive at movies****
  • Seth: "Two tickets for my little pony extended edition please"
  • Amber (the ticket seller) "That will be $20 dollars please and I love your is so shiny!"
  • **Winks at her and gives the money**
  • Randy: "I want some popcorn"
  • Seth: "Damn..I'm all out of money...but wait..I have this case...could I".....
  • *Dean Ambrose stops playing DDR and tackles Seth..steals his popcorn and the case as he whacks Randy in the eye with a hotdog*
  • Dean Ambrose: Nope.
  • *Dean darts outside to a waiting vehicle with Roman in the drivers seat*
  • Dean Ambrose: "He Still thinks I'm playing like you stole something!"

Seth: “I’m gonna cash in my briefcase now!”


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"If you’re in the ring with Ambrose, including Ambrose, you’re in danger."

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